Create a unique and elegant acoustical ceiling installation with Acoustical Ceiling Clouds by Fräsch. CLOUD is expertly designed with a combination of internal air cavities and highly sound absorbent recycled PET felt on large top and bottom surfaces of each cloud. Cloud comes in several shapes and colors with an optional LED light embedded inside that can be used together or independently.

  • Available as unlit or lit version
  • Comes in four custom shapes to choose from – SQUARE, ROUND, HEX*, and TRIANGLE.
  • Recycled material designed to optimize sound absorption
  • Easy installation with Threaded Rod or Aircraft Cable
  • Also available in 37 Colors
  • Warranty (Limited 2 Years)

*CLOUD LIT unavailable in HEX shape.

Round floating clouds are suspended by multi-point aircraft cable attachment that is fully adjustable by special slip lock hardware (included). Cables are consolidated onto a single 1/4-20 eyebolt that can easily be attached with a coupler nut to a Unistrut channel or with a threaded rod into the ceiling.

Elevate your surroundings with the unparalleled acoustic sophistication of Fräsch’s Acoustical Ceiling Clouds, an exquisite solution now exclusively available in Ontario through Hewson Brothers Acoustic Solutions. Transform any space into an oasis of tranquility as these state-of-the-art ceiling clouds effortlessly combine aesthetics with exceptional sound control. Immerse yourself in an environment where clarity meets comfort, where Fräsch’s innovative design meets Hewson Brothers’ commitment to acoustic excellence. Whether you’re enhancing the acoustics of a workspace, studio, or residential area, these ceiling clouds stand as a testament to the seamless integration of style and functionality.

Experience the transformative power of sound, elevate your ambiance, and choose Fräsch’s Acoustical Ceiling Clouds, your gateway to acoustic bliss, only at Hewson Brothers Acoustic Solutions in Concord.