Vibrant New Spring Colors from Frasch

The arrival of spring is getting a little closer! Fräsch is set to infuse fresh energy into interior design with the release of their vibrant new spring colors.

Scheduled to launch on February 1st, these hues will be available through Hewson Brothers Acoustic Solutions in Concord, ON.

Fräsch has long been recognized for its commitment to sustainability and innovation in acoustic solutions. The Spring colors further exemplify the company’s dedication to marrying functionality with aesthetics. PET felt, crafted from recycled plastic bottles, not only contributes to environmental sustainability but also provides exceptional sound absorption, making it an ideal material for interior design applications.

The Palette of Possibilities with Vibrant New Spring Colors

This Spring Collection introduces a palette of captivating colors that seamlessly blend with diverse design aesthetics. From calming pastels to bold and vibrant tones, each shade is thoughtfully curated to evoke emotions and inspire creativity. Whether you’re looking to create a serene and tranquil atmosphere or infuse a space with energy and warmth, the range of options in this collection ensures a perfect fit for every design vision.

Mark your calendars: FEBRUARY 1ST 2024

This highly anticipated launch promises to redefine interior spaces across Ontario, allowing individuals and businesses alike to explore the possibilities of acoustic design.

Vibrant New Spring Colors from Frasch

Hewson Brothers Acoustic Solutions is proud to be the exclusive distributor of these vibrant new spring colors from Fräsch in Ontario.

Located in Concord, ON, Hewson Brothers Acoustic Solutions has built a reputation for providing top-notch acoustic solutions to architects, designers, and businesses. The collaboration aims to bring the latest innovations in acoustic design directly to the heart of Ontario, offering designers and enthusiasts the opportunity to explore and integrate these new colors into their projects seamlessly.