With two conveniently located yards located along the 400 series highways in Brantford and Cambridge, we can supply your projects anywhere in Southern Ontario and Greater Toronto.

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Hewson Brother’s is a family operated Armstrong Ceilings distributor and supplier of leading-edge construction material and acoustical specialty products.A proud member of the TORBSA buying group, we service Southern Ontario, Niagara and Greater Toronto Residential and Commercial Drywall Contractors, General Contractors and End Users with an extensive fleet of delivery vehicles and highly trained delivery team. Our product portfolio is extensive with a focus on interior finishing and exterior walls

Our years of experience in the Construction Industry, truly differentiates us from our competition. Getting started in the business as a Contractor and then moving into Supply, we understand your project challenges from design and estimation right through to final completion. We also understand that different customers have different needs. We offer a variety of products for specific to General Contractors, Drywallers, Tapers and Insulators. We believe that face to face relationships are still valued in this business and decision making needs to happen quickly?