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Acoustical Ceiling Clouds by Fräsch

Create a unique and elegant acoustical ceiling installation with Acoustical Ceiling Clouds by Fräsch. CLOUD is expertly designed with a combination of internal air cavities and highly sound absorbent recycled PET felt on large top and bottom surfaces of each cloud. Cloud comes in several shapes and colors with an optional LED [...]

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Fräsch Unveils Vibrant New Spring Colors!

The arrival of spring is getting a little closer! Fräsch is set to infuse fresh energy into interior design with the release of their vibrant new spring colors. Scheduled to launch on February 1st, these hues will be available through Hewson Brothers Acoustic Solutions in Concord, ON. Fräsch has [...]

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Reduce Energy Costs with TEMPLOK

Reduce Energy Costs with Ultima TEMPLOK Energy costs and consumption in buildings account for 40% of global energy use. Reduce energy costs with TEMPLOK Ceilings that absorb and release heat, thereby regulating indoor temperature and reducing energy usage. By installing Energy Saving Ceilings in one of the largest surface areas in your [...]

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Optimizing Office Acoustics with Armstrong

In the dynamic landscape of modern workplaces, the significance of a well-designed and acoustically optimized office space cannot be overstated. The relentless hum of chatter, the clatter of keyboards, and the constant buzz of electronic devices can hamper productivity and well-being. Recognizing the critical role that acoustic design plays in fostering a conducive work [...]

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STRATAWOOD® by Fräsch – Acoustic Linear Wood Slats

STRATAWOOD® by Fräsch – Acoustic Linear Wood Slats In the ever-evolving world of interior design and furniture manufacturing, Fräsch has emerged as a pioneer with its cutting-edge materials, particularly the revolutionary STRATAWOOD® by Fräsch and its lightweight counterpart, STRATAWOOD LITE. It’s time to delve into the numerous benefits that make them stand out in the industry. [...]

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Exploring Fräsch Acoustics Headquarters in Grand Prairie, Texas

The team at Hewson Brothers Acoustic Supply recently spent the day exploring Fräsch Acoustics headquarters in Grand Prairie, Texas. This visit coincided perfectly with our launch of Fräsch products for stocking dealers across Ontario. In a crucial step, our team, including key sales reps, recently undertook comprehensive training in Grand Prairie. This immersive experience [...]

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Go With The Flow – BRIK FLOW

BRIK FLOW When struggling with echoes and sound transfer between offices and conference rooms, a custom-designed BRIK FLOW wall can mitigate these problems while adding a beautiful design accent. BRIK FLOW comes with chamfered edges, multiple design options and is easily installed. Check Out The Product Specs Download The Spec Sheet Download The [...]

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Why Does Indoor Environmental Quality Matter?

We spend roughly 90% of our lives indoors, and the past few years have highlighted how our well-being is directly affected by our physical surroundings. Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) consists of several key factors: air, sound, light, temperature, and more. Making sure we have healthy air, impactful acoustics, sufficient lighting and thermal comfort are [...]

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New Product Feature – BAFL™ by Fräsch

Experience the future of interior design with BAFL™ by Fräsch. Now, you can find this cutting-edge product at Hewson Brothers Acoustic Solutions, your one-stop destination for the latest in acoustical ceiling baffles. BAFL™ redefines the boundaries of creativity, seamlessly blending form and function to transform any space into a modern masterpiece. Whether you're a seasoned [...]

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The Sustainable Choice: Fräsch Ceiling Panels

In an era where environmental sustainability has become a global priority, consumers and businesses alike are seeking eco-friendly alternatives in every facet of their lives. One such area that has seen significant advancements in sustainability is interior design and construction materials. Fräsch, a leading manufacturer of ceiling panels, has emerged as a frontrunner in [...]

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